New York’s Skyline Sees Many Changes: Let NYC 2WAY Take You To It!

NYC 2WAY New York City SkylineThe skyline of New York is as emblematic as the famous “Hollywood” sign of California. New York is the city of skyscrapers that reach up into the sky in an attempt to prove man’s ingenuity in devising ever higher and greater buildings–a symbol of prosperity.

Throughout the years the NYC skyline has changed and evolved following different architectural modifications that record the history of this great city.

If you want to see the skyline in a huge-scale model, you can go to Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the district of Queens in the Queens Museum of Art. A scale model shows what is left of the World’s Fair of 1964. This scale model is periodically upgraded to display new acquisitions.

Lower Manhattan is the epitome of prosperous colossal skyscrapers. Since the first buildings were built, dated at around 1910, construction of ever taller buildings continued in the city and reached their peak in the Fifties.

Manhattan’s 5th Avenue is the home of some of the most impressive skyscrapers and is the very definition of urban development. From Central Park all the way to the Empire State Building, which for many years was the tallest building in the world, you can view the world’s most concentrated collection of architectural marvels.

A visit to NYC should include a tour of its memorable buildings and photographs of its wonderful skyline–a visual definition of the history of the city, in constant change and evolution, a reflection of man’s ingenuity and architectural creativity.

Regardless of where you end up visiting of the vast New York City Skyline,NYC 2WAY will get you there in luxury and style.