NYC 2 WAY Delivering to Radio City Music Hall

NYC 2WAY Radio City Music HallRadio City Music Hall is but one of the popular features of Rockefeller Center, thus making it a predominate destination for the clients of NYC 2 WAY. Radio City is one of the nation’s most popular venues, hosting numerous live performances, concerts, and movie screenings. Radio City is also known for its annual hosting of New York City’s Christmas Spectacular. Every year the Christmas Spectacular features Radio City’s dance troupe, “The Rockettes.” As always, if you would like to arrive to one of these beautiful tourist attractions or popular places then let the stylish limousines of NYC2WAY deliver you there.

The Radio City Music Hall was a part of the grand construction of the Rockefeller Center. One of the numerous projects funded by the famous Rockefeller Family, the construction of Radio City broke ground in 1929. By 1932 Radio City was a booming, nearly 6,000 seat theater. The stage of Radio City Music Hall showcases the pipes from the stellar organ affectionately known as the “Mighty Wurlitzer.” Complex machinery also supports an elevator system utilized in intricate performances that take place on stage.

Similar to the other buildings that were constructed for the Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall was constructed in the Architectural tradition of the 1920’s and ‘30’s that incorporated the Art Deco style. In correspondence with the other sections of the Rockefeller Center, Radio City was adorned with public works of art. The exterior is spotted with sculptures, while the interior showcases many famous murals. Some of the notable murals include William Zorach’s “The Spirit of the Dance,” and Louis Bouche’s “Phantasmagoria at the Theater.” The crowning mural was contributed by Ezra Winters. His piece titled “Fountain of Youth” hangs in the main corridor and is the first to welcome the visitors to Radio City’s Music Hall. You may also want to read about “NYC – Tribeca – Street Scenes” for further insight into the heart of New York City.