Inside Out Project by JR

NYC Tourists are getting a chance to see their pic in Times Square.

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I want to talk to you about an amazing art project that I find very interesting!

This is the Inside Out Project by the french photographer JR.


He started this project in 2011, and he travel all around the world to make people participate. I have myself participated two times: one time in Paris in 2011, and then in New York two weeks ago (in Times Square).

The idea of this project is to set up a huge photography machine in a big city and to let people take one picture of them. They can do what they want to do, they are totally free. Then, the HUGE picture is printed (almost 1meter) and is paste somewhere in the city. Look at what it looked last week in Times Square:


I think this is an amazing idea to let people doing what they want in order to create…

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