NYC – Tribeca – Street Scenes

A great post on the iconic TriBeCa area in New York City. This part of the city is a great display of art and NYC Architecture.

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Tribeca street scene (7)

What is now called TriBeCa — the Triangle Below Canal Street  was first built up with brick row houses and stores beginning in the 1790’s.  – Since the 1970s, Tribeca has been experiencing a renaissance, as artists, retailers and even families have made themselves at home in the neighborhoods large warehouse buildings and lofts.

With cobblestone streets, interesting warehouse buildings, and many cafes the neighborhood is a great one for wandering.

Street Scenes

american express (2)

American Express built a new warehouse on the south side of Jay, between Hudson and Staple. Founded in 1850 in Albany, American Express established its headquarters in Manhattan and essentially enjoyed a monopoly on the shipment of express goods in the state for american express (1)two decades.  In 1913 the parcel post system was established, wielding a significant blow to the express companies. By 1918 American Express was gone and a railroad freight firm, the American Railway Express Company, was…

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