Must-See Cultural Events in New York City

nyc two wayNew York City is a world hub. People from all over the globe can be found living in the city. For this reason, the culture of New York is an eclectic mix. Exploring this culture is one of the best and most fun things to do in the city. There are countless museums, fairs, and festivals to take advantage of. Explore the real NYC and check out some of the must-see cultural events in the city.

The Cloister Museum and Gardens has a fantastic collection of medieval art, architecture, and horticulture, and NYC Two Way is the best way to visit this museum located at the top of a hill in Fort Tyrone Park. The gardens are designed after plots from the Middle Ages and offer great insight into gardening and farming during that time period.

Visiting the New York City gardens is a great way to get some sun and experience the different cultures of the Five Boroughs. These public gardens offer different installations seasonally. For example, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx features “Wild Medicine,” an installation that examines the roles of plants in medicine and cosmetics around the world. And if you are looking for a low key day, then the gardens are the perfect place for relaxing and people watching according to NYC Two Way.

New York City Museums are world renowned. The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum offers fascinating information on some of the most iconic air, space, and sea vessels throughout history. Best of all, the museum is actually housed on an aircraft carrier floating in the Hudson River. Not only will you get an up close view of these vessels, but if you stay after hours on Friday nights you will be treated to a free movie shown on the flight deck. It is a perfect way to spend a day in New York.

If you are craving some NYC contemporary art, then take a trip out to Long Island City with NYC 2 WAY. The city’s MoMA PS1 showcases the work of new artists, new contemporary art genres, and new works by established artists. The showcase is housed inside an old school house, and this gives it a unique sense of charm and antiquity that juxtaposes the contemporary art pieces.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage is part museum and part living memorial. It is an emotional experience to walk through the galleries that honor the lives of those who perished in the Holocaust. Moving exhibitions, special programming, and spaces designed for reflection make this museum an informative place to visit.

Another great cultural museum to visit is El Museo del Barrio located on the northernmost end of Museum Mile. Vibrant Latino art fills the walls and capture the imagination of visitors. In addition, the museum has a full schedule of entertainment that will astound children and adults alike.

The city is more than just a hot spot of New York tourist landmarks, it is also a place where many cultures come together, and there are many venue available to explore culture. Take some time to visit one of these excellent establishments and soak up some culture.