NYC2Way Limos Share the Street with NYC Street Performers

Street  Performers Are Big Part of New York City

Street Performers in New York - NYC 2 WAY

If you have ever had a doubt about the legitimacy of street performers, consider this: Ben Franklin was a 12 year old Philadelphia street performer of colonial America.  Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger were subway performers during a time in which it was illegal.  Really, for as long as streets have existences, so have its performers.  Now, the idea of street performing has been so embraced by New York City culture, that there is a New York City Street Performing Advocacy Project to protect and promote street performance as a legitimate art form and occupation. They are as much a part of New York as NYC 2 Way transportation services.

Now, as you walk the busy New York City streets, you have a chance to see some genuine New York City talent.  Street performing has gone from a nucane to and attraction.   There are several notable New York City street performers that would be a shame to miss if you are in the area.

The Naked Cowboy

It would be a deserve to the art if the Naked Cowboy were not at least mentioned in a piece about New York City street performers.  He is possibly the most famous NYC street performer and has actually turned his bit into a franchise.  You cannot miss him.  He can be seen in Times Square, holding a guitar, wearing a cowboy hat and some tighty whiteys.  Although his street performing career began with his clothes on, he immediately gained more attention and money after taking his friend’s advice and performed only in his underwear.

The Naked Cowboy can now be seen making guest appearances on television and movies, music festivals and parties across the country.  He is also an official marriage officiant.  So if you come to New York City to tie the knot, this would certainly be a unique and unforgettable option.


Some noteworthy musicians got their start from busking, like John Butler and Tracy Chapman.  And several famous musicians often take to the streets for impromptu performances, like Mike Doughty and Bon Jovi.  Other famous musicians, like Paul McCartney, Sting, and world renowned classical violinist, have donned a disguise to play on some crowded NYC street or subway platform.  It just goes to show you that you really never know what you may run into in New York City.

Miming to the Next Level

NYC2Way Limos Share the Street with NYC Street Performers

Although you will still run into the traditional black clothed, white faced mime, the art of miming has been taken to the next level by several street performers.  One spin off of this historic art form is the statue.  Performers will paint their skin, wear their clothes, and stand still in a way that resembles a stone, silver, or even golden statue.  The artists are so focused on their craft that you may jump when they move, because you thought they were an actual statue.

Dance Crews

Dance crews are another popular street performance.  These groups of dedicated dancers have unique and jaw dropping performances that will have you saying, “Did they really just do that?!” You can take a look at some of our wonderful collection of amazing photos in our projects in NYC 2 WAY Limo from Behance.

While you watch the city life pass by in your NYC Two Way, yell for the driver to stop when you see a crowd forming on the corner.  You don’t want to miss the next big thing.