All Aboard NYC 2WAY to Grand Central Station

NYC 2WAY to Grand Central StationIf your specific itinerary to New York does not deliver you into the city via Grand Central Station, then visiting this magnificent terminal is a priority that should not be neglected. NYC 2WAY provides the leading transportation service to this midtown destination.

Grand Central Station is technically named Grand Central Terminal. It became a terminal in 1913, but the residents continued to refer to it as Grand Central Station. With the arrival of the 20th century, Grand Central Station was hailed as the largest train station in the world. The terminal expanded over 48 acres, had over 44 platforms, and connected over 67 track lines.

Even today, Grand Central Station remains as a major hub of the New York City transportation system. The terminal sustains NYC’s commuter rail system, and connects New York City Burroughs, suburbs and tri-state areas with the city.

Even though Grand Central Station is a major terminal of the NYC transportation system, the station is visited by more than just commuters. With over 21 Million visitors annually, Travel magazine listed Grand Central Station as the 6th most visited tourist attraction in the world. A person needs only to step inside the main concourse to understand the appeal. Grand Central Station is an engineering marvel and a work of art.

Visitors of the main concourse tilt their heads upwards to the sky, as the concourse’s magnificent vaulted ceilings are decorated with stellar depictions.

The dining concourse is below the main concourse and is home to some of NYC finest restaurants. Restaurants and food carts encircle a lounging area that lies in the middle of the concourse. You may want to read about NYC 2 WAY Guide to the City’s Finest Japanese Restuarant In this article.

Adjacent to the main concourse lays Vanderbilt Hall. This magnificent hall is home to the Christmas Market, and hosts numerous other events throughout the year.

Grand Central Station perfectly captures the spirit of innovation which New York City was built upon. Don’t miss out on this truly iconic destination and enlist in NYC 2WAY to deliver you to the station with a stylish, luxurious, and professional car service.