Celebrating Holidays the NYC 2 WAY

Celebrating Holidays the NYC 2 WAY

New York City is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet.  With citizens representing every country, race, religion, and culture in the world, it’s no surprise that NYC doesn’t just have numerous holiday celebrations, but some of the biggest events to boot.  NYC 2Way can take you to any of these that you want to travel to, and there are more to choose from than most people can imagine. You can also take a look at our project with many more photos about celebrating the holidays the NYC 2WAY in our behance profile Holidays In New York The NYC 2Way.

New Year’s Eve

Watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in Times Square is a long running tradition for hundreds of millions of people around the world.  But for that lucky 1 – 2 million in attendance, it is the spectacle of a lifetime.  The atmosphere is abuzz as the bright, glowing balls descends, and the crowds count down to 3…2…1…Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year

Falling between the end of January and the middle of February, Chinese New Year is a celebration the lights up Bowery and Canal St.  From dancing dragons to fireworks, the celebration is an explosion of beauty and eastern culture that makes Chinatown the place to be.

Parades & Holidays Celebrations – NYC 2 WAY Limo

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

New York City is home to millions of Irish descent, but on March 17th, everybody is Irish.  In NYC, festivities abound across the city, but the main draw is the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Started in 1762, the New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest in the world, as well as being the oldest regularly occurring civilian parade.  With about 150,000 marchers each year, the 5 hour procession travels 1.5 miles down 5th Avenue to the delight of the hundreds of thousands in attendance.

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Another nod to the many immigrants in New York City, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, held on the second Sunday in June, is a colorful affair down 5th Avenue, where the foods, culture, and sounds of American protectorate Puerto Rico can be fully appreciated.

Independence Day

While every city and town across America celebrates Independence Day, the fireworks, parades, and celebrations of New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. are unparalleled.  New York, however, is the only place to see the bombs bursting in air next to the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of freedom and coming to America for a better life, so that gives a bit of an edge.

Feast of San Gennaro

San Gennaro Festical in New York City - NYC 2 WAY

The Neapolitan celebration in Little Italy is known for its street fairs.  The best Italian foods in the world are served up out in the open, and a celebration of Italian-American heritage that is unmatched anywhere else in the country.

Macy’s Day Parade

What would Thanksgiving be without giant balloons shaped like Santa, and our favorite cartoon characters?  A fun family activity to watch on T.V., an amazing sight to see in real life.

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

Some have called it the focal point of Christmas.  The massive tree, as big as 100 feet tall, decorated and placed in the brightly illuminated Rockefeller Center is worth its own holiday trip.  While you’re there, you can also skate in the ice rink set up in the center, or sing with carolers.