Experience New Summer Drinks in the Big Apple

nyc 2 way mixologyWith summer heating up, new drinks are coming onto the menu. Sitting back and sipping a cool, refreshing beverage is one of the best parts of the summer months. In addition, partying the night away is a great way to spend time in NYC.With some of the world’s most renowned clubs and mixologists, New York City is the ideal place to experience new summer drinks.

Changes in drink trends typically occur in four broad areas: wine, beer, spirits, and ciders.This summer is no exception as variations on drinks become popular along with altogether new concepts. Get ready to sit back and relax with new summer drinks in the Big Apple and NYC2WAY. You will love the taste of the new drinks that are hitting the scene this summer.

This summer will see a revival of classic cocktails that will be given a more modern twist. Bartenders are noticing a rise in the popularity of drinks such the tequila sunrise, daiquiri, and martini. People enjoy these drinks for their sophistication and great flavor. As the weather heats up, the lighter spirits will grow in popularity. Gin, vodka, and rum continue to be the go-to liquors for mixing up summer drinks. And a great deal of mixing is sure to occur. More and more bartenders are experimenting with cocktails, and mixology is becoming a more viable career.This makes for a greater variety of cocktails at establishments that previously only served the basics.

The beer market will also experience some changes this summer. In the past few years there has been a shift in favor of local and artisan beers. Microbreweries are gaining popularity, and this often allows nearby bars, clubs, and NYC restaurants to stock a greater selection of drinks.This is a necessary change because people have more access to information and are better understanding what they want in a beer. This means that people are more experimental, and they enjoy trying many different types of beer from local microbreweries.

Though cocktails are nice and sweet for the summer, and beers are nice and relaxing neither is the perfect blend of sweet and relaxing. NYC 2 Way suggests trying cider to get this perfect balance. Traditional apple ciders are perfect for sipping outside on a deck or patio. If you prefer something sweeter, then try a pear cider. Pear ciders have grown in popularity in the past few years and offer the perfect balance of light and fruity for the summer months. Whether you are going out to a restaurant or planning to just sit back and put your feet up on your own deck, make sure that you enjoy a great summer drink. Take advantage of mixologists and experiment with a new concoction or enjoy a classic cocktail. Branch out and enjoy artisan beers from local NYC microbreweries. Kick back with a glass of cider and watch the world go by. There are endless possibilities for new summer drinks.