NYC 2WAY Getting You to Ellis Island, Home of the Statue of Liberty

NYC 2WAY - Statue of LibertyA visit to New York should include a visit to the famous Statue of Liberty situated on Ellis Island. This statue was built by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and was ordered to celebrate the 1st centennial of the foundation of the United States by France as a gift. Gustave Eiffel, famous for his Eiffel Tower, participated in the engineering of this colossal statue which was installed on Ellis Island in 1885. This tiny island located in the New York Harbor was the arrival point of over 12 million immigrants from 1892 to 1954. Access to this symbol of hope and prosperity, which represented America during those times, is done by ferry from New York. Many tourists opt to arrive to the ferry in true NYC style via NYC 2WAY.

New York was the main entrance for millions of people coming from Europe during WWI and WWII, fleeing the devastation of war in their native countries. Ellis Island was traditionally a clearing point for these people in search of new hope and expectations.

Today, New York’s Ellis Island, which is in the New York Bay, very close to New Jersey, has been a national monument ever since Lyndon B. Johnson officially named it in 1965 after a study determined exactly why it should be a national monument.

Currently, after Hurricane Sandy, the Island is being restored once again. Among other attractions, once restoration is complete, is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. An interesting thing that you can do while visiting this island is check out the database of immigrant manifests to discover someone from your past. You can also check out “NYC 2 WAY Limousine’s to Rockefeller Center” for another well loved NYC tourist attraction.