NYC 2WAY Providing Corporate Services

Corporate Services by NYC 2WAYAt NYC 2Way, we think it’s a STRIKE in our favor that we’ve never been confused about what elements are required to ensure success as a corporate transportation company. The factors aren’t that numerous, it can just be a little tricky for some to get them done correctly. First, of course, it’s great vehicles. NYC 2Way has an excellent fleet of vehicles that allow for an easy and appropriate choice for any corporate event. The vehicles are well-maintained and kept extremely clean. 

Our drivers are even more important. Our well-spoken and professional drivers will always make a good first impression on any client. A look of professionalism is clearly a key trait that’s desired in a driver, but NYC 2Way drivers do a lot more than just look good – they’re intimately familiar with the area, and will be happy to answer questions and provide advice to make a client’s trip more pleasant (or even more profitable). Drivers from NYC 2 Way enhance a client’s travel experience by removing any doubts the client may have about accommodations, restaurants or entertainment – our drivers know New York, and they’re happy to share their knowledge.

Customer service is also a critical aspect of a successful experience for our clients. Our office will facilitate various scheduling needs for our clients; it’s just one more thing we can do so that clients can concentrate on business and forget about the little details.

Another important aspect to success as a corporate transportation company is to be able to deal with last minute changes in itinerary; at NYC 2Way we have a large enough fleet, and a large enough staff, to be sure that we can deal with any contingencies that crop up. We understand that unexpected situations arise in the corporate world, and we’re prepared to execute short notice pick ups so that no business opportunities are lost. That’s why we’ll carefully monitor your flight times, and make sure that when your plane does land or take off, we’re there.

Our latest systems improvement at NYC 2Way also facilitates another important aspect to our success – personalized billing capabilities. No two clients are the same, and there’s also often major differences in how they process invoices; that’s no problem, at NYC 2WAY we work to maintain the same flexibility and personalization with our billing process as we do when we’re transporting our clients. You be the guide, we’ll endeavor to satisfy your requirements.